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We are always honoured when the gardening press, who are welcome at any time, visit our nursery to catch up on Majestic Trees progress and developments. Some of these articles and others of tree-related interest are written for the industry by our expert staff and are available below for you to read.

earth movers

Earthmovers – (November 2012)

Whilst the business of selling trees is indeed soulful in many ways, you might be surprised at the iceberg of logistics and planning going on just below the surface. This feature provides a little glimpse into that muddy, practical side of Majestic Trees. Not the least bit interested in heavy machinery? then you will bepleased to read how well -regarded and resourced our logistics team are, because -let’s face it- if it wasn’t them sorting out the complicated heavy bit, it would be you.

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the sun_article

The Sun –October 2012

When we opened our new visitor gardens at the nursery last spring, we were delighted to have garden legend Peter Seabrook as a guest. He had the grand tour of the nursery of course, and expressed a genuine interest in how we do things as a company. He was particularly impressed with the way our Logistics Manager Fern Snowling, who joined us when she was just 16, has developed her career at Majestic Trees.

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Financial Times - September 2011

If you have ever caught an episode of Channel 4s Landscape Man, you will know that this programme is to landscaping what Grand Designs is to construction. Unsurprisingly, we ‘get’ that concept, so when its presenter Matthew Wilson asked if he could visit Majestic Trees for his upcoming Financial Times piece on planting mature trees, we were only too happy to oblige.

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The English Garden - November 2009

In August we planted the 2009 winner of The English Garden winning garden makeover. Here is the six-page spread from the November issue of The English Garden which gives you a little insight into how we transformed this home.

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Kerteszet - July 2009

In May 2009 the European Horticultural Journalists held their annual convention in London. We were honoured to host them on a tour of our nursery, with many of them writing stories on Majestic Trees for publication. Here is the cover and feature the Hungarian journalist kindly wrote on her visit.

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Garden Confidential - Spring 2009

Everyone thinks of spring as the season when trees put on their most colourful and fragrant flowering displays, but there are a few fantastic trees that bloom in the summer..

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The English Garden - March 2009

Steve McCurdy, owner of Majestic Trees, arrives outside the office of his 19-acre Hertfordshire-based nursery in one of the company’s trade-mark golf carts, and strides across the yard to say hello.

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Garden Confidential - Autumn/Winter 2008

We british are some of the most friendly and hospitable people in the world, but when it comes to our gardens, especially the back garden, we like our solitude. it is just not comfortable to be able to see into the neighbours place - or for them to see into ours.

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Garden Confidential - Autumn/Winter 2008

In 1979, while studying horticulture at Oaklands College in Hertfordshire, Steve McCurdy was chosen to spend a work experience year in the United States. It proved a fateful trip. While there he met his future wife, Janet, and, ultimately, the couple settled in California, where they built a business that specialised in interior landscaping for malls, atriums and hotels.

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Garden Design Journal - April 2008

Pleached or espaliered trees have featured in our gardens for hundreds of years. Especially since Victorian times, gardeners have played with, coaxed and contoured trees to particular shapes and forms for aesthetic or practical reasons. Having a row of pleached trees in your garden became something of a status symbol and when used in a grand scale, the maintenance of them would require numerous gardeners.

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Horticulture Week special supplement - 6 March 2008

In just four years, Majestic Trees has gone from start-up to a £2m-plus turnover company with profits outstripping the industry average. That it has achieved this in one of the toughest sectors of production horticulture only adds to the strength of the message that with the right leadership, strategy and quality approach, even the most challenging of markets can be cracked by a new entrant to UK commercial horticulture.

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Horticulture Week - 2007

In a recent discussion of the impact of the summer floods on growers, one seasoned hand told HW's correspondent: "Climate change is making growing an erratic practice - and growers who for thousands of years have adapted to all nature can throw at them, are now having to use more initiative than ever."

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Hertfordshire Life - September 2005

After three years of toil and labour, a oncederelict site in flamstead, near St Albans, has been transformed into a stuning nursery boasting the widest range and largest sizes of containerised trees in the country.

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The English Garden - March 2005

Steve McCurdy is a man on a mission. He wants us all to grow trees in our gardens and not just any trees, but big trees. 'Some designers and gardeners are wary of big trees,' says Steve. 'They may not have the equipment or experience to plant them, and worry whether they will establish - but we're here to guarantee that.'

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