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If it is primarily trees you are looking to add, Sarah Shynn, our own Project Design Manager, is likely to be your best source of advice. A fully qualified garden designer, Sarah has tremendous experience with TreeScape design and it is unlikely you will find a freelance designer who can equal her tree knowledge or experience in this specialist area.

If you are looking to add hardscape and/or softscape elements as well as trees, you will likely need the expertise of one of the many excellent, qualified garden designers who we sell trees to, who can work directly with you on all the many details: lighting, paving materials, drainage, etc. and can provide conceptual drawings, colour renderings, and working drawings to help you visualise the result. They are all independent, and we have a selection of their work on display at the nursery offices for you perusal.

man_with_wheelbarrowIn either case, the easiest way to get the ball rolling is to simply contact Sarah, our Project Design Manager. She will talk through your requirements, advise whether a formal design is necessary, and, if you wish, help you find the right designer for your project. Regardless of how you choose your designer, you will contract directly with him or her at this stage. However you will be pleased to know Sarah will remain available to your designer for advice on the TreeScape portion of the design.

Building the Design

Once the design is complete, we can provide a list of landscape contractors in your area who will provide a no-obligation quote for the build. We will be happy to liaise with them on delivery and/or planting of the trees required.

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