Trees for a spring Interest Heading

Start spring sooner with these suggestions for early spring flowering trees. No garden should be without at least one early flowering tree. Here are a few of our favourites:


Camellias are amongst the very earliest plants to flower, starting anywhere from January to early March, depending on the weather. They are renown for their exquisite blossoms, which contrast beautifully with their dark glossy foliage for an immensely cheering effect through the end of winter.


Yes, yes, the pessimists amongst us grumble about late frosts getting the flowers, but personally we find their ‘thrill of victory/agony of defeat’ nature rather exciting in a quaint sort of way. Here are a few we particularly love:

Flowering Cherries

Flowering cherries are perhaps the nation’s favourite spring trees. The show starts in early march, then goes on and on as each of the many varieties flower in sequence through til May. There are an enormous number of varieties, so the tricky part is remembering which ones flower when. Here are a few of our favourite ‘earlies’.

10392 prunus-cerasifera-nigra-flow01
Majestic treefinder iconPrunus cerasifera 'Nigra'
Plum - Ornamental
Majestic treefinder iconPrunus 'Accolade'
Cherry - Ornamental
10423 prunus-sargentii-mainim
Majestic treefinder iconPrunus sargentii
Cherry - Sargent

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