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Trees to Warm the Heart

We love having visitors to the nursery this time of year, but for all you fair weather gardeners out there, here is an armchair guide. Simply decide which of these winter lovelies you like the most, and leave the chilly details to us.

Oh -and remember, we don’t just deliver, we plant our trees too. Which means you can just sit back and watch the transformation ...from a cosy window. I guess you could call it our Shiver-Free Guarantee.

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10087 thumb_betula-costata-mainim
Birch – Korean

A most attractive species of birch, whose bark has a complex and delicate beauty. The bark itself is primarily fawn coloured, wit … more


A graceful, vigorous tree renowned for its creamy-white and pinkish bark, attractive in all seasons but taking centre stage in win … more

Birch - Snow Queen

One of the most dramatic of the white-stemmed birch, whose ethereal bark peels to reveal a pale orange beneath. More formal, sturd … more

Birch - Himalayan

Probably the most well known of the white stemmed birches, 'Jacquemontii' is renowned for its startlingly white bark, which provi … more

10099-Betula-utilis-doorenbos-habi01   10100 thumb_betula-utilis-var-jacquemontii-bark01 thumb 10100-betula-utilis-jacquemontii-159749
10131 thumb_cedrus-atlantica-mainim
Cedar - Atlas

A picturesque ornamental conifer, pyramidal in youth, whose spreading branches create a characterful draping effect as it matures. … more

10132 thumb_cedrus-atlantica-glauca-mainim
Cedar - Atlas Blue

Renowned for its magnificent size, expansive boughs and vivid blue foliage, the Blue Atlas Cedar is an excellent choice for a larg … more

10131 thumb_cedrus-atlantica-wint01 10131 thumb_cedrus-atlantica-frui01  10132-cedrus-atlantica-glauca-159057-habi01  
10134 thumb_cedrus-deodara-mainim
Cedar - Deodar

A large, spreading ornamental conifer whose branches droop gracefully at the tips. The blue-green foliage provides a soft, luxuri … more

10427 thumb_prunus-serrula-mainim
Cherry - Ornamental

A small, but sturdy tree prized for its shiny, mahogany coloured bark. The tree is particularly effective when positioned to cont … more

10134-cedrus-deodara-160279-habi01 10134 thumb_cedrus-deodara-frui01  10427 thumb_prunus-serrula-spri01 10427-prunus-serrula-habi01 10427-prunus-serrula-flow01
10247 thumb_hamamelis-mollis-mainim
Witch Hazel - Chinese

An unsung hero of winter, the witch hazel bursts into glory in the depths of winter, producing clusters of large, sweetly fragrant … more

10266 thumb_ilex-nellie-r-stevens-mainim

Perhaps the best choice where a quintessential holly is desired. Jolly emerald green foliage with the characteristic spines, and … more

10359 thumb_parrotia-persica-mainim
Persian Ironwood

A small tree of widespreading habit whose autumn tones of gold and crimson do not appear until well into november, and are sustain … more

10376 thumb_pinus-nigra-ssp-nigra-mainim
Pine - Austrian Black

One of the richest and most robust of the pines, with deep green glossy needles and a picturesque, rounded, informal growth habit. … more

10359 thumb_parrotia-persica-autm01 10359 thumb_parrotia-persica-bark01 10359-parrotia-persica-habi01 10376 thumb_pinus-nigra-ssp-nigra-summ01 10376-pinus-nigra-ssp-nigra-159128-batch0 10376-pinus-nigra-ssp-nigra-wint01
10381 thumb_pinus-wallichiana-mainim
Pine - Bhutan

An elegant, large, broad-headed conical tree, retaining its lowest branches when isolated. Long, soft, blue-green, needles give a … more

10419 thumb_prunus-maackii-amber-beauty-mainim
Cherry - Ornamental

An ornamental cherry prized for its bark rather than its spring blossom. 'Amber Beauty' takes its name from its glossy golden bar … more

10381 thumb_pinus-wallichiana-frui01 10381 thumb_pinus-wallichiana-habi01  10419 thumb_prunus-maackii-amber-beauty-flow01  

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